Minnesota Transportation Alliance seeks input on transportation needs

The Minnesota Transportation Alliance (MTA) has created a brief online survey designed to help identify unmet transportation needs across the state. MTA is using the survey to seek input from local governments and other partners, with the goal that the survey will help build the case for the Legislature to continue to support our state’s transportation infrastructure in upcoming sessions. The survey seeks to identify projects around the state that may go unfunded or be delayed unless additional investments are made into Minnesota’s transportation system. Highway 14 Partnership members are invited to take the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5PF9552

The last major, official estimate of Minnesota’s statewide transportation needs was Governor Dayton’s Transportation Finance Advisory Committee (TFAC) report, which dates back to December 2012. The MTA survey won’t result in the same type of comprehensive estimate that the TFAC report did, but it will provide value by compiling a list of specific, compelling needs across the state. We encourage Highway 14 Partnership members to take the survey so that Highway 14’s needs are reflected in their analysis.

With questions about transportation funding or policy, please feel free to contact Highway 14 Partnership lobbyist Shane Zahrt at SAZahrt@flaherty-hood.com.

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