About the Partnership

The U.S. Highway 14 Partnership was formed in 1998 to expand U.S. Highway 14 to four lanes between New Ulm and Rochester.

The Partnership consists of cities, counties, townships, chambers of commerce, businesses and individuals impacted by U.S. Highway 14. We lobby at the state and federal levels to secure funding for the project and ensure public input into the process of expanding Highway 14.

Highway 14 impacts the safety, economy and quality of life in Southern Minnesota. It is the most populous 100 miles in Greater Minnesota lacking a four-lane highway.

Guiding Principles
The U.S. Highway 14 Partnership lobbies for the entire Highway 14 project, all the way from New Ulm to Rochester. Member areas that have already seen their part of highway expanded remain in the Partnership because they are committed to completion of the entire project and understand the impact it has on the entire region.

The Partnership is a non-partisan organization and works to engage all legislators along Highway 14 in finding a way to complete the project.

The Project
The entire Highway 14 project spans approximately 100 miles between New Ulm and Rochester. The state has thus far expanded 87.5 miles of Highway 14 to four lanes; only 12.5 miles of two-lane highway remain.

The remaining 12.5 miles span from New Ulm to Nicollet. This project, which is currently unscheduled and unfunded, includes north bypass of Courtland, interchange at County Road 37/Highway 14 at New Ulm, and interchange at an extension of County Road 24/Highway 14 north of Courtland (centered on town). Estimated costs:

Construction: $70 – 80 million
Right-of-Way: $7 – 9 million
Engineering: $3 – 5 million
Other construction-related costs: $3 – 4 million
Total: $84-$98 million

2019-2020 Board of Directors

Karen Foreman
City Councilor
City of Mankato
Vice President:
Kevin Raney
City Councilor
City of Owatonna
Pat Hentges
City Manager
City of Mankato
Past President:
Robert Beussman
City of New Ulm
Patrick Baker
Director of Government
and Institutional Affairs
Greater Mankato Growth
Jim Bier
Olmsted County
Brad Meier
Owatonna Chamber of Commerce
Mark Dehen
City of North Mankato
Fred Froehlich
City of Nicollet
Tom Kuntz
City of Owatonna