Action Alert – Tell Gov. Dayton & the Legislature to make it right on Corridors of Commerce!

On Tuesday, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) announced that U.S. Highway 14 expansion would not receive any of the $400 million the Legislature appropriated to the Corridors of Commerce program last year. In fact, all four of the projects that were selected for funding, including the two “Greater Minnesota” projects, are in the metro area or immediately adjacent to it. None of the funding will be spent more than 40 miles from downtown Minneapolis.

We are extremely disappointed, but there are steps Governor Dayton and the Legislature can take in the next two weeks to make it right.

The House of Representatives recently passed a transportation bill that includes an additional $155 million for Corridors of Commerce. The Senate’s companion bill includes no new money for the program, but these bills will soon be headed to conference committee to work out the differences.

Act Now: Urge Governor Dayton and Legislature to Fund Corridors of Commerce for Greater Minnesota Projects

We need you to make your voice heard! Tell Governor Dayton and the Legislature to make it right by directing the entire next round of Corridors of Commerce funding to true Greater Minnesota projects. Urge them to include at least $155 million for Corridors of Commerce in their final transportation bill this session and to direct all of that funding toward Greater Minnesota projects like Highway 14.

Please call or email:

More Info – For more information about Corridors of Commerce, and to see the list of projects chosen for funding, visit:

Questions? – If you have any questions about this action alert, contact Shane Zahrt at or 651-259-1906.

PDF version of this Action Alert

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