Tell legislators to earmark funds for U.S. Highway 14!

A printable, PDF version of this Action Alert is available here.

The Senate DFL and the House Republican bonding proposals both contain more than $250 million in highway, road and bridge funding. Both proposals include earmarks for federal highway projects, overwhelmingly in the metro area.

Since both the House and the Senate have broken the unwritten rule against earmarks, it is time to earmark funds for U.S. Highway 14.

With just a few days left until the session adjourns on Monday, please immediately call or e-mail your Senate and House members and the Speaker and Senate Majority Leader.

Here is the message:

  1. It is not okay to earmark money for Highways 12 and 212 and not for Highway 14. Safety is as important in southern Minnesota as it is in the metro area.
  2. Insist they stand up for the 350,000 people along Highway 14 by earmarking $40 million for land acquisition and $30 million for engineering for Highway 14.
  3. It is time to fight for Highway 14!

Contact Information

Click here to send a mass email (note: In order to email Sen. Bakk, you must use a separate “email form” – see below) or you can contact each legislator individually:

House & Senate Leadership
House Speaker Kurt Daudt –, 651-296-5364
Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk – email form, 651- 296-8881

U.S. Highway 14 Legislators:

Sen. Gary Dahms, Redwood Falls, (651) 296-8138

Sen. Vicki Jensen, Owatonna, (651) 296-9457

Sen. Carla Nelson, Rochester, (651) 296-4848

Sen. Julie Rosen, Vernon Center, (651) 296-5713

Sen. David Senjem, Rochester, (651) 296-3903

Sen. Kathy Sheran, Mankato, (651) 296-6153

Rep. Jack Considine, Mankato, (651) 296-3248

Rep. Tony Cornish, Vernon Center, (651) 296-4240

Rep. Brian Daniels, Faribault, (651) 296-8237

Rep. Clark Johnson, North Mankato, (651) 296-8634

Rep. Tina Liebling, Rochester, (651) 296-0573

Rep. Kim Norton, Rochester, (651) 296-9249

Rep. John Petersburg, Waseca, (651) 296-5368

Rep. Duane Quam, Byron, (651) 296-9236

Rep. Paul Torkelson, Hanska, (651) 296-9303

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