Hwy. 14 Partnership’s transportation funding survey focus of Star Tribune editorial

The editorial in today’s Star Tribune highlighted the results of the U.S. Highway 14 Partnership’s transportation survey.

The editorial focuses on the notion that many in Greater Minnesota support allowing the metro area to proceed with light-rail construction so long as it is funded with metro-area dollars (such as a local option sales tax). Our survey, which was conducted in August and September, found that 76 percent of respondents felt this way.

The editorial goes on to assume that for those in Greater Minnesota who don’t support light rail, misinformation may be the culprit. The editorial says, “Where opposition is found, we suspect, it’s based on a belief that state funds would be tapped for light rail, depriving Greater Minnesota of needed resources. That’s a faulty assumption.”

Further, the editorial concludes by stating that the Editorial Board finds the results of the Highway 14 Partnership’s survey to be “a heartening sign that this year, divide-and-conquer politics might not be effective.”

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