Hwy 14 Partnership Letter to Speaker Kurt Daudt & Chair Tim Kelly

Please email ccjackson@flaherty-hood.com to sign this letter to the MN House regarding transportation funding.

April 9, 2015

Dear Speaker Daudt and Chair Kelly,

Congratulations on introducing a comprehensive transportation funding bill. The US Highway 14 Partnership urges you to keep working, pass a bill with funding for Corridors of Commerce, and get it to the Governor’s desk this spring.

U.S. Highway 14 is a road which serves a unique role in connecting people across Southern Minnesota, Rochester to New Ulm. The Governor and Commissioner Zelle have repeatedly turned their focus to fixing US Highway 14. Our Partnership has liberal members; it has conservative members. Several legislators are past and present members. And yet, despite the broad support for finishing Highway 14, it is not done.

For too many years, Minnesota has not had enough funding for highway repair and replacement, let alone expansion. Fixing Highway 14 is the perfect example of something that everyone agrees should be done, but never gets done. Doing nothing is unacceptable.

We cannot urge you strongly enough to reach an agreement on raising sufficient funds to repair, replace and expand our trunk highway system. We encourage you to negotiate a compromise to provide the long-term funding we all agree is needed to address our critical transportation needs, especially Corridors of Commerce. The economies and lives of people along US Highway 14, New Ulm to Rochester, depend on it.

We urge you, the Senate and the Governor to all work together to find more funds for Minnesota’s transportation system. It is time to FIX 14 NOW!

Robert Beussman, President

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