Gov. Dayton lays out requirements for special session

While the regular 2016 legislative session has ended, the debate over the bonding bill and other spending has not. Yesterday, Governor Dayton issued a letter outlining his requirements for a special session. Speaker Daudt issued a response shortly thereafter.

You will remember that the failed bonding bill contained a $199.5 million cash appropriation for Corridors of Commerce designated for a list of projects, including U.S. Highway 14. The Governor expresses his dislike of transportation earmarks in the bonding bill. He says he wants clarification as well as the inclusion of light rail in a revised bonding bill. Speaker Daudt did not address this in his response.

What all of this means for U.S. Highway 14 is unclear. What we can do is call the Governor and ask for a special session in which the money for land acquisition for Highway 14 stays in the bonding bill. The Governor’s telephone number is: 651-201-3400  or Toll Free: 800-657-3717.

With any luck, the next few days will make this discussion clearer. We will keep an eye on the negotiations, and inform you as things happen.

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