Corridors of Commerce project scoring system coming soon

The 2017 transportation bill included provisions that would modify the process by which projects are selected for funding through the Corridors of Commerce program. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is now working on a draft of the new project scoring system, which it hopes to release within the next few weeks. This will provide the first glimpse into how the new legislation might impact the likelihood that the Highway 14 expansion project will receive funding through the program.

Following the release of the draft scoring system, MnDOT intends to seek public comment and input by holding meetings around the state. As the details of these meetings become available, we will pass them along to you, and will be looking at the possibility of scheduling a separate meeting for Highway 14 members to speak directly with MnDOT officials. Once MnDOT has heard from the public they will finalize the scoring criteria. The agency plans to begin taking recommendations for which projects to select for funding beginning in early 2018, with final project selection to follow.

Stay tuned for additional updates. We will continue to monitor the process and ensure that Highway 14 Partnership members are aware of every chance to make our voices heard.

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