Contact your legislators today — their support can ensure progress on Highway 14

The hard work of the U.S. Highway 14 Partnership successfully created the Corridors of Commerce program, which in turn has funded two sections closer to finishing the expansion of U.S. Highway 14. Now, only two sections remain—Nicollet to New Ulm and Owatonna to Dodge Center.

The opportunity is ripe for success: We have well placed, effective legislators, a program perfectly designed for one-time highway funding, and a combination of general fund surplus and trunk highway bonding capacity available.

While the Partnership continues to support a comprehensive transportation bill with long-term funding of at least $200 million/year for Corridors of Commerce, we also have strong alternatives for legislators to make progress even if a comprehensive transportation bill does not pass.

We are urging all those concerned about Highway 14 to contact their legislators as soon as possible, to encourage them to ensure progress on Highway 14. We have two alternatives that can go in Rep. Paul Torkelson’s bonding bill and/or the transportation bill: $500 million one-time appropriation for Corridors of Commerce ($200 million cash from the budget surplus plus $300 million trunk highway bond proceeds) or $300 million in trunk highway bonds specifically for U.S. Highway 14.

If our Highway 14 legislators can’t do anything else, they should do this. We have bi-partisan support, a team of engaged legislators, and a simple program that is ready to fund.

Call or e-mail your Representative and Senator today! Click here for a list of the Highway 14 legislators and their contact information.

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