Action Alert!

Urge the Transportation Conference Committee to Fund Corridors of Commerce to Support Highway 14

The Transportation Conference Committee has begun to meet to work out the differences between the House and Senate transportation bills. The stakes are high for Highway 14. Making progress on Highway 14 this year comes down to whether the final transportation package includes new funding for Corridors of Commerce.

  • The House bill includes $300M in bonding for Corridors of Commerce, and continues to appropriate $25M per year in cash to the program.
  • The Senate bill eliminates the $25M per year for Corridors of Commerce.

We need you to let the conference committee know how important it is to pass funding for Corridors of Commerce to keep hope alive for Highway 14 Nicollet to New Ulm.

Act Now!
Contact the transportation conferees TODAY. Tell them:

  • It is essential that Corridors of Commerce receive funding in this year’s transportation bill to keep hope alive for projects like Highway 14.
  • Don’t harm the prospects of funding Highway 14—resist the Senate’s cuts to the program.
  • Urge them to reach a compromise on a comprehensive transportation funding package to inject new dollars into the transportation system and enable additional trunk highway bonding for projects like Highway 14.

CLICK HERE to email all members of the Transportation Conference Committee as well as MnDOT Commissioner Margaret Anderson Kelliher and Governor’s transportation policy advisor Suzanne Sobotka.

If you have any questions about this action alert, contact Shane Zahrt at or 651-295-1123.

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