Action Alert – Thank Rep. Petersburg for taking action to help fund Hwy 14!

As the House and Senate transportation finance bills advance, it is critical that all of our members continue to advocate for funding and policies that will help make progress on the U.S. Highway 14 expansion project.

It is also important to recognize legislators who are especially supportive and helpful to our cause. We strongly encourage you to reach out to Rep. John Petersburg (R-Waseca) to thank him for taking action to improve the House transportation bill, HF 861, so that it is more beneficial to Highway 14.

Last week, Rep. Petersburg amended the bill to include $25 million in cash for Corridors of Commerce. While this is not enough to finish Highway 14, it is a step in the right direction. Bonding dollars cannot be used for land acquisition or engineering, so cash is needed before construction can begin on the remaining sections of Highway 14. Rep. Petersburg’s amendment was crucial because the Corridors of Commerce program cannot help Highway 14 unless it receives a cash appropriation, as opposed to only bonding.

Please contact Rep. Petersburg to thank him for his efforts! Here is a sample message:

Dear Rep. Petersburg,

Thank you for amending HF861 to include cash for the Corridors of Commerce program. This is a necessary step to finishing the expansion of U.S. Highway 14. We appreciate your action!

Contact Information – Email Rep. Petersburg at or call him at 651-296-5368 or 888-296-5368.

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