Action Alert! Contact Legislators to Fund Corridors of Commerce

May 7, 2015

Please call and/or e-mail elected officials! Feel free to use this message:

The legislature must provide at least $200M in cash appropriation for Corridors of Commerce in the near term.  Otherwise, the expansion of U.S. Highway 14 won’t get done.  We need non-bonding money for right-of-way acquisition and engineering, and so do the other Corridors of Commerce projects.  Appropriate cash into the program, and FIX 14 NOW!

Representative Tim Kelly
Representative John Petersburg
Representative Jeff Howe
Representative Tim Sanders
Representative Ron Erhardt

Senator Scott Dibble D. Scott Dibble (61, DFL)
Senator Vicki Jensen Vicki Jensen (24, DFL)
Senator Susan Kent Susan Kent (53, DFL)
Senator Matt Schmit
Senator Foung Hawj Foung Hawj (67, DFL)

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