Corridors of Commerce first on House Transportation agenda

As U.S. Highway Partnership members visited legislators Thursday, they were pleased to learn that their bill, HF 282, which funds the Corridors of Commerce program, is slated to be the first bill addressed by the House Transportation Committee next week.

“Corridors of Commerce has been an effective tool for funding Highway 14,” said U.S. Highway 14 Partnership President Robert Beussman, who is also Mayor of New Ulm. “This bill will get funds to keep the planning and construction moving forward. It is a high priority for New Ulm and all the communities along Highway 14 to Rochester to get Highway 14 to four lanes. We are so pleased this is a priority for the Minnesota House as well.”

Partnership Vice President Steve Gray added, “The Corridors of Commerce program funds are so beneficial to all the communities along Highway 14, and they help communities all across the State that need highway expansion for growth.”

Greater Mankato Growth Director of Government and Institutional Affairs Patrick Baker added, “The expansion of four lanes into Mankato fuels our growing economy. We are committed to extend that growth to all communities along Highway 14. We would like to see a long-term funding source for Corridors of Commerce so that all of these long-waiting highway projects can help their connected communities grow.”

The announcement that the Corridors of Commerce bill will be the first to receive a hearing in the House came on the same day as U.S. Highway 14 Partnership members gathered for a Fix It Now! Lobby Day, where they joined transportation advocates from across the state for Transportation Day at the Capitol.

The Highway 14 advocates began their lobby day by meeting with Rep. John Petersburg (R-Waseca), chief author of the Corridors of Commerce bill. “We would like to thank Rep. Petersburg, one of our fellow Highway 14 members, for his leadership,” said Beussman. “To be the first transportation bill in the House to receive a hearing says a lot about the importance of finishing Highway 14 and the Corridors of Commerce program.”

Contact: Carolyn Jackson

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